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Heart of Europe (AE16)

An unforgettable itinerary
Paris-Beaune-Lauterbrunnen- Monterosso-Rome-Florence-Venice-Reute- Munich-Rhothenburg-Bacharach-Amsterdam

Balkan Passions in 7 countries (B015)

An epic journey passing across seven countries in eleven days.
Skopje-Ohrid-Kalambaka-Ioannina-Saranda-Tirana- Budva- Dubrovnik-Sarajevo-
Split-Plitvice-Zagreb- Ljubljana

The Treasures of Europe (E002)

Europe’s Heritage
of five countries
Poland, Hungary, Austria,
Czech Republic
and Germany

Baltic Capitals (AL01)

If you are interested to have a developed tour, where you have the possibility to see more than only the capitals you should choose this Tour. Visit Vilnius-Trakai- Klaipeda-Riga-Tartu-Tallinn-Kuressaare-Tallin

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