Welcome to Izmir


Izmir overlooks the Aegean Sea on Turkey’s west coast. What stands out is how the ancient world still pokes through, how a mosque and a church can sit side by side, and how a woman in a burkini and a woman in a two-piece can wade into the sea on the same beach. Here’s how to plan a three-day excursion to multifaceted Izmir and the surrounding coastal region, featuring a kaleidoscope of Turkish delights.


A cultural hub where elegant mosques and traditional bazaars dot the palm-lined boulevards and ancient Greek ruins look down from the hilltops, Turkey’s third-largest city, Izmir, has plenty to offer cruise visitors en route to nearby Ephesus.Archaeological Museum The modern museum, located on Halil Rifat street in Konak district, was opened in 1984 after being open to public in different areas of the city since 1927.