Welcome to Istanbul

Istanbul is the place where east and west meet and this offers top dower attractions.


Isanbul has always been a strategic location that has attracted many armies and cultures over the centuries. The fact that the city hugs two continents was not its only advantage it was the final stage on the legendary Silk Road linking Asia with Europe and merchants who came liked it so they decided to stay so they influenced cultural diversity. The dominating styles and techniques are mosaics and frescoes because of the Byzantine influence. The most achieved architectural forms in Turkey are the mosques


The city’s cuisine is delicious and emerges the cultural diversity you feel everywhere. You can eat Asian dishes or Italian classic dishes or traditional kebabs, flavorsome mezes and freshly caught fish dishes washing them down with the rational drink, raki.

Local life

Locals have an infectious love life and generosity of spirit. This community is full of people who work and party hard they treasure family and friendships and they melt tradition and modernity in their everyday lives.